Boolean logic

Boolean logic

Performs Boolean logic on inputs a and b. Inputs can be Boolean or numeric values, matrices or tensors. If the data types of inputs are not Boolean, the values are converted to Boolean values by setting zero elements to false and non-zero elements to true.


a Boolean or numeric (scalar) value, matrix or tensor
a Boolean or numeric (scalar) value, matrix or tensor.

If both a and b are non-scalar (matrix or tensor), their dimensions must be the same.


If both inputs are scalar, the output is a Boolean value. If either of the inputs is non-scalar, the output is either a Boolean matrix or a Boolean tensor. If one input is scalar and the other input is non-scalar, the output is non-scalar and the values are determined by applying the operator with each element of the non-scalar input and the scalar input.

Inherits BinaryFunctionTool.

Inherited by LogicalAndTool, LogicalOrTool, and LogicalXorTool.