Add images

Add images

Applies weights to two images, adds the weighted images together and outputs the result.


Input image 1
Input image 2
Weight of input 1
Weight of input 2
The type of the output image.


weight1 * image1 + weight2 * image2. In Automatic mode, the type of the output image depends on the type of the inputs as shown in the table below.

Type of output tabulated against type of image1 (columns) and image2 (rows) in Automatic output type mode.

u8 s16 s32 rgb
u8 s16 s16 s32 rgb
s16 s16 s16 s32 rgb
s32 s32 s32 s32 rgb
rgb rgb rgb rgb rgb
  • u8 = 8-bit unsigned gray
  • s16 = 16-bit signed gray
  • s32 = 32-bit signed gray
  • rgb = 32-bit RGB with 8-bit unsigned channels
  • If the output type is u8 or rgb, overflows and underflows are handled by truncation. If the output type is s16 or s32, the tool takes no measures against such errors.