Installing and uninstalling

A component package may contain an arbitrary number of components. When you create one using va-pkg or Builder, it contains exactly one component, but VisionAppster Cloud may include all dependencies and their licenses in a single package, making it self-contained.

Component packages can be installed and uninstalled graphically through the Engine's management interface. Another option is to use the va-pkg command-line tool. First, you need to set up the tool as described here.

To install a package file:

va-pkg install com.example.component-1.2.3.vapkg

To uninstall a component:

va-pkg uninstall com.example.component/1

Note that va-pkg cannot make changes that would cross a container border. Some practical consequences:

  • When va-pkg is run inside Flatpak, it cannot make changes to the system scope (--system command-line flag).
  • If the VisionAppster Engine service runs in a container, va-pkg run outside of the container may not be able to make changes to the component database.

In these cases, you can use the web user interface or the Engine's HTTP API:

# Address of remote host
# Name of package file
# Upload file using HTTP PUT
curl -T "$package_file" "http://$remote/packages/$package_file"
# Install
curl "http://$remote/componentdb/functions/installUploadedPackage?$package_file"
# Uninstall
curl "http://$remote/componentdb/functions/uninstallComponent?com.example.component/1"