Public Attributes

int interface_version
const char* component_id
const char* component_version
va_plugin_init_func init_plugin

Detailed Description

Information filled in by a plug-in entry point function.

Member Data Documentation

const char* va_plugin_info::component_id

The globally unique name of the component the plugin is part of.

const char* va_plugin_info::component_version

The version of the component. If a component is updated, the version number must be incremented. The version number has three parts: major.minor.patch.

If a change breaks existing functionality, the major version number must be changed. Features can be added but not removed when changing minor version. If a release does not add new functionality but just improves or fixes the implementation, patch must be incremented.

Version numbering can be started at any number, but usually "1.0.0" marks the first release.


A pointer to the plugin initialization function that registers tools.

int va_plugin_info::interface_version

The version number of the tool plugin C interface this plugin implements. This value is hard-coded into the plugin registration macro and will only change if changes are made to the plugin interface. The interface version is a monotonically increasing sequence number.