Client APIs

The easiest way to communicate with the VisionAppster Engine is to use one of the provided client API libraries:

VisionAppster Engine services

The services provided by the VisionAppster Engine are implemented as remote objects that can be accessed through an API that (for the applicable part) follows REST principles. The central services of the Engine are listed below. Note that you need to have the VisionAppster Engine installed and running locally (localhost:2015) to be able to access the links.

Engine info
is mapped to /info/ on the server. It provides general information of the running Engine instance, such as the version number.
Component database
is responsible for installing, uninstalling and querying components. In the remote interface, it is published at /componentdb/.
License database
maintains the user's licenses. It is published at /licensedb/.
Application manager
is responsible for finding, starting and stopping installed apps. In the remote interface, it is available at /manager/.
are controlled by the Engine using device-specific camera drivers. All found cameras are published as remote objects at /cameras/.
App APIs
are published under /apis/. A VisionAppster app can publish any number of API objects, and they will appear under this URI. If no apps are running, the directory will be empty.

To be able to access any of these services you need to connect your client to the service's root URI.

To get started with the client APIs, it is important to understand some central concepts and how they are mapped to the remote object system.