Read video file🔗

Reads a video file and outputs the frames as RGB images. This tool supports all video formats supported by the VisionAppster Engine, which includes at least the following:

  • AV1

  • H.264

  • VP8

  • VP9


  • fileName: The name of the video file.

  • loop: If true, the tool will try to start again from beginning once the end of the video stream is reached. Note that starting from the beginning is only possible with seekable video streams. If loop is set to true and trigger is not connected, the first incoming video file will be repeated eternally.

  • trigger: Trigger input. One video frame will be emitted for each input. If this input is connected, fileName cannot be connected.

  • convertToRgb: If set to false, the tool send decoded video frames in their original color format, usually some YUV flavor. If set to true, the images will be automatically converted to RGB.


  • image: Output image. An empty image means that the file has no valid frames.

  • frameIndex: The zero-based index of the current frame. If loop is true, restarts at zero when the end of the file is reached.