The VisionAppster platform installation consists of the following main components:


A runtime for running platform-independent vision apps. The Engine is run as a service that can be accessed through an HTTP interface. The Engine requires no display and can be run on a wide variety of operating systems and hardware platforms.


A graphical development environment for building vision apps and components. The builder lets you to modify an app while it runs and see the results immediately. Apps exported by the Builder can be run by the Engine everywhere. The builder also provides a camera configurator app that can be used to set parameters to local and remote cameras, capture images and calibrate cameras.


A software development kit for building new analysis tools and client applications for the platform. The SDK contains a ready-to-go environment including all bundled 3rd party libraries such as OpenCV and Dlib. To compile your own native tools, you also need a compiler. The SDK comes with va-cross, a Docker-based cross-compilation tool, which we recommend for building native extensions.


Please refer to platform-specific instructions:

  • Windows

  • Linux

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Docker

  • Mac? Sorry. Technically, we do support Mac, but Apple’s licensing terms prohibit people from compiling software for their operating systems on non-mac computers. You would be unable to use any native extensions and thus crippled.