Analyze Blob Geometry🔗


The Analyze Blob Geometry tool calculates geometric properties of objects in a labeled image. The labeled image is typically an output of a Detect Blobs Tool.


Detailed description🔗

For each detected blob, the blob geometry analysis tool calculates the properties listed below. It also calculates some additional features derived from these.

  • area

  • coordinates of the centroid

  • corners of the bounding box

  • orientation of minor and major axes calculated with principal component analysis

If the Aligned flag is true, the bounding boxes are calculated using the major and minor axes. Otherwise the bounding boxes are aligned to the X and Y axes of the world coordinate system.

The image below shows a labeled image with two widgets overlaid on it. The one which shows the bounding boxes has been drawn by dragging and dropping either Size or Frame output on the image. The other one shows the centroids as round dots. It has been drawn by dragging and dropping the Centroid output on the image.

The image display lets you to choose a color map for indexed images. Here, the light colors map is used. Color maps can also be used to color rows in tables and matrices. Here, the same color map is used in the measurement result matrices.

Detected blobs have been colored and measured.

Detected blobs have been colored and measured.🔗