class visionappster.Matrix🔗

Wrappers for all va_matrix C types.

The matrix class is special in that each different content type is represented by a different class. You can construct matrices either the same way as other buffer-like data types by passing the generic Matrix constructor a type ID or by using the type-specific constructors directly. The following two lines are equivalent:

m = Matrix(Matrix.INT32, 1, 2) # using consistent syntax
m = Matrix.Int32(1, 2)         # using the real type class
class Type🔗








property name🔗
class visionappster.Matrix.Int32🔗
__getitem__(self: visionappster.Matrix.Int32, index: Tuple[int, int])int🔗

Returns the element at the given index (row, column). For example, m[0, 1] returns the second element on the first row.

__init__(*args, **kwargs)🔗

Overloaded function.

  1. init(self: visionappster.Matrix.Int32) -> None

Initializes an empty matrix.

  1. init(self: visionappster.Matrix.Int32, rows: int, columns: int) -> None

Creates a rows-by-columns matrix that is initialized to zeros.

  1. init(self: visionappster.Matrix.Int32, buffer: buffer) -> None

Creates a deep copy of buffer. The number of dimensions in buffer must be two and its data type must match the type of the matrix.

  1. init(self: visionappster.Matrix.Int32, shape: List[int]) -> None

Creates an all-zeros matrix with the given shape.

__setitem__(self: visionappster.Matrix.Int32, index: Tuple[int, int], value: int)None🔗

Sets the element at the given index (row, column) to value. For example, m[0, 1] = 2 sets the second element on the first row to 2.

static constant(rows: int, columns: int, value: int)visionappster.Matrix.Int32🔗

Creates a rows-by-columns matrix and sets every element to value.

static identity(size: int)visionappster.Matrix.Int32🔗

Creates a size-by-size identity matrix.

static uninitialized(rows: int, columns: int)visionappster.Matrix.Int32🔗

Creates an unitialized rows-by-columns matrix.

property columns🔗

The number of columns.

property rows🔗

The number of rows.

property type🔗

The type ID of the matrix.

class visionappster.Matrix.Float🔗
class visionappster.Matrix.Double🔗
class visionappster.Matrix.Bool🔗
class visionappster.Matrix.FloatComplex🔗
class visionappster.Matrix.DoubleComplex🔗