VisionAppster Documentation🔗

VisionAppster provides a complete, easy-to-use framework for building and running vision apps in the cloud, in personal computers and in embedded devices. Our solution consists of VisionAppster Builder, an IDE for creating vision apps, a comprehensive set of built-in vision tools, APIs for writing extensions and clients in different programming languages, VisionAppster Engine, a platform-independent runtime for running the apps, a package management system with built-in licensing and IPR protection and VisionAppster Store for distributing vision software and running it in the cloud.

Developing with VisionAppster🔗

The picture below gives a high-level overview of the development process.

Install VisionAppster Builder and SDK.Which programming language?C/C++PythonImplement a tool plugin.(C API)Cross-compile for alltarget platforms.Implement a tool plugin.(Python API)Build a tool plugincomponent package.Install the tool plugincomponent locally.yesNeed to add custom vision algorithms?noUse the Builder to create an analysis app.Cloud app?yesnoSelect public HTTPAPI functions.Create demo actions.Select API end points fortwo-way communication.Build an app component package.Register component IDsin VisionAppster Store.Build Store packages.Upload packages to Store.Upload demo actions.yesCloud app?nonoAre the components for internal use only?yes