Region corners🔗

Converts a region (coordinate frame and size) to a set of corner points.


  • frame: A coordinate frame in the world coordinate system for the region of interest. Any 3D transformation is allowed.

  • size: The size of the region of interest in frame. If size is undefined (either width or height is NAN), the returned coordinates are also NAN.


  • topLeft: Top-left corner of the region.

  • topRight: Top-right corner of the region.

  • bottomRight: Bottom-right corner of the region.

  • bottomLeft: Bottom-left corner of the region.

  • corners: This is a combination of the individual corner outputs. A 4-by-2 matrix containing all the corner coordinates (x, y) ordered clockwise: top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left.

All the output points are two-dimensional and projected to world XY plane.