Profile to imageπŸ”—

Generates an image out of any number of one-dimensional signals such as height or gray-level profiles.


  • sync: Synchronizes the image output to an external event.

  • profile: One-dimensional signal (1-by-N matrix) The output image will be built by stacking profiles on top of each other. The tool rounds the input to integers and cuts the values so that they’ll fit into the output data type.

  • outputType: The type of the output image.


  • image: An image composed of input profiles, one for each sync input.

enum OutputTypeπŸ”—

Supported output types.


enumerator Gray8πŸ”—

Eight-bit unsigned gray.

enumerator Gray16πŸ”—

16-bit signed gray.

enumerator Gray32πŸ”—

32-bit signed gray.