Output external dataπŸ”—

Writes data to a data link device. This tool requires a :doc:data link driver </api/c/datalink> that works in master mode. It writes the values of all defined parameters to a slave device on each processing round.

If the device driver supports batch writes, all defined variables will be written atomically. This is a requirement for SQL database drivers, for example (all columns of a table row are written simultaneously). Other devices, such as PLCs, don’t usually provide such features, and multiple variables need to be written sequentially.


  • deviceId: The device ID of the data link device. See device IDs.

  • autoConfig: A flag that enables and disables device auto-configuration. See device configuration.

  • parameterSet: The name of a parameter set to apply to the selected device at start-up. See device configuration.

  • inputParameters: A table that defines the rest of the input parameters. Depending on the driver, the input parameters can refer to SQL table column names, PLC tags etc. Note that not all device drivers provide a way to query the variables available on a data link device. In such a case the app writer must ensure that the names and data types are correct. If they are not, a run-time error will be generated.