Monochromatize imageπŸ”—

Changes the colors of an image so that it only contains tones of a single color. This tool can be used to create various color effects, for example the well-known and over-used β€œsepia” effect that imitates old photographs (try e.g. hue = 40, saturation = 0.4).


  • image: Input image.

  • hue: The target chromaticity value of the result, in hue degrees (0…359).

  • saturation: The target saturation of the result color. 0 means grayscale, 1.0 is fully saturated.

  • intensityAdjustment: Adjustment to the intensity of the colors. 0 means no change, -1.0 makes the image every pixel black and 1.0 changes every pixel to a full-intensity version of the selected color tone.


  • image: Output color image.