Measure speed🔗

Measures the speed of objects represented by coordinates in points input. The speed measurement begins when an object crosses either of the two line segments defined by the four point inputs.


  • points: Coordinates of objects. An M-by-2 matrix.

  • identifiers: A unique identifier for each object. An M-by-1 integer matrix.

  • times: DateTime stamps associated with the objects. An array of M times.

  • firstStartPoint: Start point of the first line segment.

  • firstEndPoint: End point of the first line segment.

  • secondStartPoint: Start point of the second line segment.

  • secondEndPoint: End point of the second line segment.

  • linearize: If true, assumes that objects move along a straight line between the entry and exit lines.


  • identifiers: Identifiers of the objects whose speed has been measured. An N-by-1 integer matrix.

  • distance: Traveled distance between entry and exit lines in coordinate units. An N-by-1 matrix.

  • time: Time spent travelling from the entry to the exit line in milliseconds. An N-by-1 matrix.

  • speed: Speeds of the objects in coordinate units per second. The speed is be positive if the object crossed the first line first and negative otherwise. An N-by-1 matrix.