Measure dwell time🔗

Measures the time a tracked object is seen. This tool can be used with the motion tracker to measure how long specific targets stay in the view. It records the time whenever a new identifier appears in or disappears from the set of tracked identifiers and reports the time difference. When an identifier is no longer in the input set, it is added to identifiers output matrix in the next invocation and it stays there for one invocation. The difference between the times it was seen first and last is added to dwellTimes.


  • identifiers: A unique identifier for each object. An M-by-1 integer matrix.

  • times: DateTime stamps associated with the objects. An array of M times.


  • identifiers: Identifiers of disappeared objects. An N-by-1 integer matrix.

  • dwellTimes: Dwell times of disappeared objects in milliseconds. An N-by-1 integer matrix.