Generate QR code🔗

Generates image of a QR code which contains the given data string.


  • data: String to be encoded.

  • errorCorrection: Minimum error correction level. The algorithm may choose to use a better error correction than specified if it can do so without increasing the size of the code area.

  • borderModules: Number of empty modules around the code area

  • pixelsPerModule: Edge of each module in pixels.

  • version: Version of the code determines the total size of the code. The version number is 1…40 and the length of each edge of the code is 4 * version + 17 modules. Zero means that the code size will be determined automatically.


  • image: The output image.

enum ErrorCorrection🔗

Type of the error correction.


enumerator Low🔗

Low error correction level is appropriate for high symbol quality or the need for the smallest possible code area for given data.

enumerator Medium🔗

Medium is described as “Standard� level and offers a good compromise between small size and increased reliability.

enumerator Quartile🔗

Quartile is a “High reliability� level and suitable for more critical or poor print quality applications.

enumerator High🔗

High error correction level offers the maximum achievable reliability.