Collapse array🔗

Base class for tools which collapse a dimension from matrices and tensors.


  • input: A matrix or a tensor.

  • dimension: Specifies the dimension along which the array or tensor will be collapsed. Setting dimension = -1 collapses everything into a scalar value. For matrices, dimension 0 is rows (output will be 1-by-N) and 1 is columns (output will be N-by-1). For tensors, the specified dimension will be collapsed. For example, if the input is a 1×2×3×4 tensor and dimension is 1, the output will be a 1×3×4 tensor. If dimension is greater or equal to the number of dimensions in the input tensor or matrix, the output will be an empty tensor or matrix.


  • output: A matrix or a tensor of the same type as the input. If dimension is -1, the output will be a scalar value.