Starting and stopping the Engine🔗


The Engine is installed as a systemd service called va-engine. To start and stop:

systemctl start --user va-engine
systemctl stop --user va-engine

The service will be installed to the user scope by default. It will be stopped when you log out. To prevent this (replace “username” with your user name):

sudo loginctl enable-linger "username"

Alternatively, the service can be installed to system scope. In this case the commands to start and stop the Engine are:

sudo systemctl start va-engine
sudo systemctl stop va-engine


This assumes you have Docker installed. If not, the instructions are here. To start the engine:

docker run -p 2015:2015 visionappster/va-engine

To stop, press Ctrl+C.

The list of officially supported Docker images can be found at Docker Hub.


  1. Open the start menu and type “services”. Click on the Services application.

  2. Find the application named “VisionAppster Engine” in the list and right-click it.

  3. In the menu that pops up, you can find the commands to Start, Stop and Restart the service.