Camera driver parameters🔗

Each camera has a set of configuration parameters that affect things like image format, acquisition and transmission. In Camera Configurator, click a camera in the list on the left side of the view and its parameter list appears in the Parameters view.

Camera parameter list.

Camera parameter list.🔗

The parameter name is shown in the first column and the current value of the parameter in the second column. Parameters that cannot be edited are shown in a cursive font. Changing a parameter value may affect also other parameter values, their editability or even their meanings. In that case, the affected parameters are shown after the parameter that is affecting them, with their names slightly indented. To change the value of a parameter, click the parameter value. The changed value is set in the camera immediately and you can see the effect by taking an image. Note that some of the parameters may be editable only when the camera is not capturing images.

Changing camera parameter value.

Changing camera parameter value.🔗

Driver parameter sets🔗

To create a configuration that will be set in a camera when an app using it is started, a parameter set needs to be saved. After configuring the camera parameters to the desired values, you can save the configuration to a parameter set by clicking the Save as button in the Parameters view. It saves the current values of all the camera parameters and loading the parameter set will set them all exactly to the same values. Note that if you have set up the localhost or any other remote connection in the Builder (see Remote connections menu) the save dialog has a checkbox for each remote connection. At least one must be checked and the parameter set is saved with the given name in all the checked ones.

Saving a parameter set.

Saving a parameter set.🔗

If an application has an Image Source that has the autoConfig parameter set to true, it will use the Driver parameter set that is associated with the camera, as explained in Device Configuration. After having saved a new parameter set, there will be a warning shown that the currently viewed parameter set (MyParameterSet2 in the picture) is not associated with the camera.

The current parameter set is not associated with the camera.

The current parameter set is not associated with the camera.🔗

To change the associated parameter set, edit the Associated parameters setting shown first in the camera parameter list.

Associating a parameter set with the camera.

Associating a parameter set with the camera.🔗

One parameter set can be associated with many cameras that share the same settings. Note that the associated parameter set is not automatically loaded in Camera Configurator when a camera is selected or the view is switched. Instead, the parameter set needs to be explicitly loaded.

An existing parameter set can be loaded with the Load button. The parameter list will then show the values that were set in the camera based on the loaded parameter set.

The Delete button shows a list of all the saved parameter sets and lets you delete the ones that are not needed any more. The deleted parameter sets are also dissociated from all the cameras.

The same parameter set control buttons are found also in Calibration and Positioning views, which both have their own parameter sets.