Camera Configurator🔗

The Camera Configurator is a GUI tool for managing local and remote cameras. It lets you to create and manage camera parameter sets for different purposes and to associate them with cameras.

The Camera Configurator is launched via the File menu of the Builder. To access remote cameras you need to set up remote connections first via the Remote connections menu in the Builder.

Parameter sets🔗

Parameter sets store device configuration information for different purposes and are managed in device database as explained in Device Configuration. For cameras, there are three different types of parameter sets: Driver parameter set stores configuration values for camera driver parameters. Calibration parameter set contains calibration factors for the camera. Position parameter set contains the camera positioning information.

The Camera Configurator has three distinct views, each operating with different parameter sets:

  • Parameters view operates with parameters related to the camera driver. These parameters affect things like exposure, image format and transport.

  • Calibration view provides a way to calculate and manage calibration parameters.

  • Positioning view lets you to calculate the position of one or many cameras with respect to a fixed world coordinate system.

Each view has the same UI controls to load, save and delete parameter sets, and to select which parameter set is associated with the camera.

Parameter set UI controls.

Parameter set UI controls.🔗

The parameter set UI controls are explained in more detail in Driver parameter sets.

Image source🔗

If an application has an Image source that has the autoConfig input parameter set to true, it uses the Driver parameter set associated with the camera. When autoConfig is set to false, there is an additional parameterSet parameter available that lets you manually choose the Driver parameter set to be used. If the calibration or the position input parameter is set to Database Calibration or Database Position, respectively, the tool will use the corresponding associated parameter set.