#include <va_plugin.h>



Generates code for a plugin entry point function, va_get_plugin_info.

  • COMPONENT_ID: A globally unique identifier for the component the plugin will be placed into. If a component contains many plugins, the same component ID must be used in all of them. The component ID is used as a namespace for the tools or drivers that are defined within the component. The fully-qualified name for a tool or driver will be composed of the component ID, its major version number and the name of the tool or driver, for example com.visionappster.demo/1/MySum.

  • COMPONENT_VERSION: The version number of the component. The version number has three parts: major.minor.patch. If a change in the plugin breaks existing functionality, the major version number must be incremented. Features can be added but not removed when changing the minor version number. If a release does not add new functionality but just improves or fixes the implementation, patch must be incremented. Version numbering can be started at any number, but usually 1.0.0 marks the first release.

  • TYPE: An optional parameter that specifies the type of the plugin. The default value is tool. datalink_driver is also supported.


Generates code for a plugin entry point function, va_get_plugin_info.

This macro works the same way as VA_IMPLEMENT_PLUGIN, but it also generates a piece of code that checks the component ID when the plugin is being loaded. This makes it hard to load the plugin without a valid license.


typedef void (*va_registration_func)(const char*, ...)🔗

The type of the registration function that will be passed as a function pointer to a plugin initialization function when a plugin is loaded.

The initialization function uses the registration function to register tool or driver instances to the VisionAppster platform.

typedef void (*va_plugin_init_func)(va_registration_func)🔗

The type of a function that registers tools or drivers in a plug-in.

typedef va_plugin_status (*va_plugin_info_func)(struct va_plugin_info*)🔗

The type of a function that returns basic information about a plug-in.


enum va_plugin_status🔗

Plugin initialization function return status codes.


enumerator va_plugin_ok🔗
enumerator va_plugin_unsupported_version🔗
enumerator va_plugin_component_id_mismatch🔗
enumerator va_plugin_component_version_mismatch🔗