Camera drivers🔗

VisionAppster software installation provides a Webcam Camera Driver for using a (USB) webcams as image sources. In addition to that the default installation supports virtual cameras using a predefined set of image files for feeding images.

Additional camera drivers can be added as camera driver plugins. You can search for such plugins in the VisionAppster Store or implement your own.

Camera driver plugins require the GenTL camera driver component that is available in the Store. The GenTL camera driver implements a GenTL consumer and works with any standards-compliant implementation of the GenICam GenTL producer. The process of creating a compliant GenTL producer is beyond the scope of this document. Please refer to the GenICam GenTL specification for details.

Once a GenTL producer plugin is available, it can be put into a component package and installed. Since GenTL producers are native machine code, they need the arch field in package.json. The type field must be set to cameradriverplugin. By convention, GenTL producer plugins should have either .gentl or .cti extension.