#include <va_object.h>


typedef void va_object🔗

An object.

Objects are represented as key-value based dictionaries with dynamically typed values. Through the C interface, objects are passed as opaque pointers that can be manipulated using the va_object_* functions.


va_object *va_object_from_json(const va_string *json)🔗

Creates an object by decoding the given JSON description.

va_object* pObject = va_object_from_json("{\"key\": \"value\"}");

An opaque pointer to a newly allocated object, or NULL if the call fails due to error in json or insufficient memory.

  • json: UTF-8-encoded text or a va_string representing a JSON object.

va_object *va_object_clone(const va_object *object)🔗

Returns a deep copy of object of NULL if memory allocation fails.

void va_object_free(va_object *object)🔗

Releases the memory allocated by object.