Write digital output🔗

Changes the status of digital output lines and writes values to hardware registers.


  • channel: The zero-based index of the digital output channel to activate. If the channel index is -1, no action will be taken.

  • channels: A table of the available output channels and their parameters. The channel input selects a row in this table.

  • value: The value to be written to the channel. This value may or may not be used depending on the configuration of the I/O device and its driver. The value only has a role if the output channel refers to a writable hardware register, or if it is used in toggling a binary output line. If the output channel is configured e.g. to emit a fixed-width pulse, the pulse will be sent each time anything is received in inputs, and the actual value has no effect.

  • deviceId: The device ID of the I/O device. See device IDs.

  • autoConfig: A flag that enables and disables device auto-configuration. See device configuration.

  • parameterSet: The name of a parameter set to apply to the selected device at start-up. See device configuration.